The Southern Province of Sri Lanka is a small but panoramic geographic area consisting of the districts of Galle, Matara and Hambantota which has mostly been populated as pristine destinations. Important land marks of the southern Province include the Farm fringed sandy Beaches, the wild life sanctuaries of Yala, Birds sanctuary of Bundala, ancient cities of Thissamaharama, Kirinda, Mathara, and Galle, Hambantota Habour, International Cricket Stadiums at Galle & Suriyawewa and Maththala International Air Port, Udawalawa National Park, The Holy City of Katharagama, Southern Express Way are easily accessible. With its long and event full history, Rich culture and the Bountiful gifts of nature, Southern Province is a veritable treasure –Trove for those interested in Delving in to the Region’s glorious past ,savour its cultural miscellany or enjoy its natural beauty. Most of the places can be reached easily by road. A few places may require a little walking. The ultimate reward will be an unforgettable experience.

Over the past few years, it has become a major tourist destination. The coastline, with its great opportunities for sunbathing, swimming and surfing, has taken over the minds and hearts of people all over the country and across the world. Places such as Hikkaduwa and Unawatuna have become major party destinations. Crowds of people from Colombo would travel on a regular basis to these destinations to relax and a have a good time with friends.

Mainda Chintana Vision for the Future
Mainda Chintana Vision for the Future

I will introduce an accelerated development programme for the tourism industry. I will launch a programme to fulfill the infrastructure and other requirements in order to attract 2.5 million tourists annually, by the year 2016.
I will give priority to eco-friendly tourism and agriculture based tourism and will promote the use of the government and private owned farms for this purpose.
All Buddhist places of worship will be developed in order to increase religious tourism from countries such as Japan and Thailand. I will establish a tourism center with special cultural importance to Asia.

Minister of Tourism Southern Provincial Council
Minister of Tourism Southern Provincial Council

Hon. Chief Minister of Southern Provincial Council Mr. Shan Wijayalal De Silva is appointed as new Provincial tourism minister.

Introduction of Ruhunu Tourist Bureau

Tourism is a Ministerial portfolio in almost all the provincial governments, since it is a subject on the concurrent list and the councils are aware of the power they can exercise in this regard. In the Southern Provincial Council, The Ministry of Sports and Youth affairs, Rural Industries ,Tourism is responsible for tourism. Also a statute to provide for the establishment of the Ruhunu Tourist Bureau of the Southern Provincial Council under the Ministry for the promotion and the regulation of the tourist industry within the Southern Province and for matters connected therewith has been gazette as “RUHUNU TOURIST BUREAU STATUTE No 01 of 2000 of the Southern Province”.

The Objectives of the Bureau shall be:

  1.  To Encourage, Promote and Develop Tourist travel to and within the Southern Province in conformity with the national plan and national policy for Tourism.
  2.  To Encourage, Promote and Develop efficient tourist services within the Southern Province
  3.  To assist financially or otherwise any local authority, Public Corporation or Government Department and to assist by granting loans to any person or body of persons (whether corporate or incorporate) Operating or maintaining any tourist service for the purpose of the attainment of the Objects of the Bureau.


To be the foremost Provincial Tourist Destination in Sri Lanka.



To develop and promote Tourism in Southern Region of Sri Lanka in Sustainable manner under the guidance of national planning and policy with the effective community participation in order to enhance the national economy and prevent natural cultural and ecological values .

An ideal place for evening walking and get relax.

Madunagala Hot Springs are located 24 Km north east of Ambalantota. The hot Springs are situated in a


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